The Chef

Nicole Arthurton Dennis (on the back right in the image) has worked in restaurants in one form or another since she was a little girl in her parent’s restaurant in Plymouth, Montserrat. Prior to starting her cooking class day tours, Nicole served for six years as a private chef for an estate home on the exclusive island resort of Jumby Bay serving well known people from around the world.

Nicole’s love of cooking came from her mother (Pam) who is known for her ability to whip up a mouth watering meal in minutes. In the old days in Montserrat (before the volcano erupted), if you heard that Pam was cooking, you would always figure out a way to come. This was Nicole’s early life.

Where Pam is known for her quick casseroles and hot saucees, Nicole has a well-earned reputation for Caribbean “twist” cuisine, decadent desserts, and flavorful condiments. Nicole’s special gifts, however, are found in her love of family, friends, and fresh and healthy ingredients.

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Adam relaxing at a friend’s house with daughter number 2. Emily Platt Dennis was born on Bastille Day, July 14, 2006. She is a feisty girl who always wakes up with a smile and a hearty laugh.

Emily loves to cook with her mother, help round the garden tending to Nicole’s and her plants, and playing with her Piper Kit (a homemade computer). At 14 years old, Emily loves her friends, working in our garden, helping with her chickens, and collecting every type of rock she can find.

Nicole at the beach with her oldest daughter Zoe. Zoe, now 18, is in her first year of University enjoying life and navigating distance learning because of COVID.

Zoe is now away at university forging her own way in life.  She has a love of science and skatebording… and great food, of course!