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Our Home

We Bought
Our home has many things that eco-friendly people might enjoy… gardens where we grow a range of spices, vegetables and fruit, solar power, a compost for the leftover vegetable matter, recycling in the form of glasses we use and furniture that we’ve created from old wooden pallets (no kidding), chickens for fresh free range eggs, and large cisterns for collecting rain water.

Living In Antigua

We moved to Antigua in 2005 so that our two girls could grow up around their extended family. West Indian families can be a lot of fun for children… with many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins that fill a child’s life with love from all sides.
Our work keeps us with one foot in the States (Adam’s foot) and Nicole’s in the islands (with the classes).
Sun. Family. Food. It is a good life. We hope you can stop by…

NEW! A BnB with a Hilltop View of the Caribbean Sea

Home Adam

Adam and Nicole

Food, family and friends is at the core of who we are.
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