Do something different. Take a cooking class at Nicole’s Table and learn how to cook

Do something different
Do something different
Do something different

Want something different?

Take a cooking class at Nicole’s Table. We have a range of classes beyond your traditional Caribbean fare:

Want something different

Small classes that last

3-4 Hours

Our Caribbean cooking classes are designed so you can learn hands-on, or sit, watch, talk, and eat. We never have more than 15 people at a time… and typically prefer 5-10. This makes our classes more like close friends sitting for a meal, than a formal learning experience. The duration is 3-4 hours, depending on the class.


What a fun way to get to know Antiguan cuisine!

My husband and I only had five days in Antigua and wanted to do…

Tom F

A wonderful day to remember

In planning my trip to Antigua I kept coming across recommendations to take a cookery course.

Pete Bonfini

Nicole’s Table Rum Punch….a must for any visitor!

I had the wonderful experience of attending a gathering at Nicole’s Table.


So glad we did it

My partner Linda and I decided to go for a cooking class while we were…