Cooking Classes ShortCode

The Classes

West Indians work hard, play hard, and love their food. Our goal is not just to teach you about our food, but to let you experience our culture… -Nicole

Small Classes

    Our Caribbean cooking classes are:

  • Hands-on and laid back
  • Offered in a local eco-friendly Caribbean home
  • Last 3-4 hours
  • Typically hold 6-8 people (Max 14)
  • Have a great view of the Caribbean Sea! 😉

This makes our classes more like close friends sitting for a meal, than a formal learning experience. Visitors receive a full menu with recipes, Nicole’s Old Fashioned Rum Punch, soft beverages, and the food they prepare and cook.

Click here to contact us for a reservation.

Fresh Foods

Nicole likes to use fresh and in-season fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They taste better and are good for you, but it sometimes means that the ingredients will vary from class to class depending on the season. So, be prepared for variations in the menu and take it in stride the Caribbean way… with a smile.

The cost of our classes is US$120/person to US$140/person (except custom classes which can vary depending upon the menu or time of year).

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