The Menu

    • Cocktails : Your choice… and Nicole’s Old Fashioned Rum Punch if you want to make it.
    • Main Course : Spicy Tuna Sushi Stack
    • Side : Green Pawpaw (Papaya) Salad
    • Dessert : Coconut Custard Tart
    • NOTE: This menu will vary as we do new Zoom classes.

Zoom Cooking Class


Here in the islands we share many of the same key ingredients that can be found throughout Asia. Rice is almost always a key feature of any West Indian meal… much like you find in Japan, India, China… you name it. Avocado, mango, papaya (“pawpaw” to us), and ginger also make up a richly shared food history across the world.

Today’s class celebrates all the cultures that love these ingredients. Our main will be a Spicy Tuna Sushi Stack giving you a fantastic party in your mouth (while learning how to work with sticky rice for a sushi delight).

Next, we will prepare a simple papaya salad, known as a “pawpaw” salad to us. Instead of working with a ripe pawpaw, we’ll instead bow our heads to a Thai method and use green pawpaw for a different experience.

Finally, it’s still mango season down here so we’re going to go with our version of Mango Ice Cream for a sweet and very healthy finish.

Since I have not done this class before, I have estimated 3 hours, but it may go faster due to its simplicity. If that happens, then we’ll all just eat and drink together. For the drink, make sure you make my Old Fashioned Rum Punch in advance of the class because… well, you know me… I love our rum punch.🥰🍹


Please connect to the Zoom link 5-10 minutes before the meeting start time. Call 268.764.8362 if you have a problem connecting.

Please make sure that you buy all the ingredients and prep them (as per the Preparation instructions) before class starts.

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