Appetizer : Chips and Salsa Main Course : Beef Tacos with Pico de Gallo or Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw with White Rice, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Cheese Dessert : Molten Bittersweet Chocolate Cakes Drinks : Wine, Beer, Water, Soft

Cooking Classes: Tex-Mex Taco Bar

For Tex-Mex Taco Bar, we learn how to create extremely quick and easy meals that are surprisingly healthy and work well with a beer and other fun drinks… Tex-Mex, like many of the foods that we celebrate, is all about fresh vegetables, lively spices, and a good meat as a balance.

The history of Mexican food is more varied than most non-Mexicans know. Each of the six regions in Mexico have a different style of food. In the Yucatan, for example, the food is sweeter than it is spicy, and uses an achiote seasoning (made from the seeds of an inedible fruit). In contrast, the Oaxacan region is known for its savory tamales, while the mountainous regions of the West (Jasisco, etc.) are known for goat in a spicy tomato-based sauce (aka Birria).

And then there is Tex-Mex… which originated hundreds of years ago when the Tejanos (Texans of Hispanic decent) merged Spanish/Mexican recipes with Anglo styled foods. This food is rooted in the cattle culture of the Texas-Mexican border. It is all about the spices… Spicy beef, goat, and chicken are used as the base meat along with beans, melted cheeses, and corn. Tortilla chips and salsa came later as a common feature of Tex-Mex restaurants. Texas-style chili con carne, chili con queso, and fajitas are also well known Tex-Mex fare.

This food is typically spicy hot (like some Caribbean foods), but it is also quite flavorful and easy to make.

In this menu we start with the tried and true – chips and salsa – where we make our own fantastically tasty Corn and Black Bean Salsa. We follow the appetizer with two versions of tacos… one with Fish and the other with Beef. Finally, the sweet finish is secured with small Molten Bittersweet Chocolate Cakes that can be eaten on their own or with ice cream. This is good stuff!

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