Some of the things that might be cooking on the grill...

    Our grilling classes are always dependent on what is fresh and available at the market or from the garden... as well as what a classes' palette might demand (some people make requests). Likely candidates for a good grilling are shrimp, local fish such as mahi mahi, chicken, pork, and an assortment of local vegetables. The grilling class, like all classes, is limited to 15 students, so as to keep it intimate and personal.

Cooking Classes: Everything on the Grill

So you want to grill, but do not know how to do it without burning the meat, charring the vegetables, and starting a small uncontrolled nuclear reaction… thus being branded a manufacturer of WMDs? Don’t worry. We can help you.

Come to our Outside Living class and learn some easy tricks and techniques for flavoring your meats, roasting vegetables, and making a meal that will keep your friends coming back for more… all without working up a sweat!

Nicole will teach you how to prepare the food and do the grilling on our large verandah overlooking the Caribbean. As usually, you can sit and just observe, or dig in and get your hands dirty. It is your choice.

It is time to get your grilling face on! It is time to grill Caribbean style. So c’mon by and your cares at home and come to learn, eat, drink, and have a great time.

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