A Typical Indulgence

    Cocktails : Wine, Beer, and Nicole's Old Fashioned Rum Punch. Bits and Bites to Prep Your Palate Spinach Dip with Raw Vegetables and Assorted Crackers. Desserts : Molten Chocolate Cake, Guava Tart with Rum Creme Anglaise, Chocolate Mousse Cake, and guava and home made vanilla ice cream.

Cooking Classes: Decadent Desserts

Nicole loves her sweets and does not apologize for their calories. Life is meant to be enjoyed and tasty desserts are a big part of that experience.

Nicole’s philosophy (yes, it is possible to have a dessert philosophy) is that most savory meals need to be followed with a sweet finish. This doesn’t mean you have to eat huge quantities of calorie busting pieces of heaven… it simply means that a good culinary experience is incomplete if it doesn’t first tantalize and then satisfy all parts of your palate. So, when Nicole discusses a well-rounded meal, you can be sure that she means savory AND sweet!

Chocolate is at the heart of many of Nicole’s favorite sweets. Nicole has many of recipes so well honed that it takes very little time for her to whip up a treat. But at the same time she is very good at mixing in healthy fruit for those concerned about their waste line…

In Decadent Desserts, you will learn how to make healthy desserts as well as those that generate a bit of sweet guilt. Like all the other classes, the experience will be hands-on and accompanied by a few choice wines, beers, and soft beverages. It is one of the few Caribbean cooking classes that is nothing but pure indulgence.

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