A Typical Menu

    Cocktails : A local juice and Nicole's Old Fashioned Rum Punch. Appetizer : Vegetable samosa with shadow benni sauce Main Course : “Cook-up” vegetable stew using seasonal vegetables, stewed bora beans in coconut milk, blistered eggplant with fresh tomatoes with a garlic basil dressing. Dessert : Flourless chocolate cake.

Cooking Classes For Vegetarians

Rastafarian “Ital” food is synonymous with eating as close to the ground as possible. It is taking the food from the garden or “the ground” and making a “cook-up” with whats ripe and available at the time. Whether it is green banana, pumpkin, breadfruit, cabbage, edo, okra and spinach, the result is a delicious well seasoned one pot stew.

The menu provided below is just one example of what we can do, but I love to be flexible. All you have to do is just let me know and we can work from an existing menu or break some rules do something new…

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