Happy Hour -- Cocktails and Appetizers!

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Cooking Classes: Cocktails and Appetizers

Back in the day, the weekend happy hour used to be the event for the week. It was the time to let off steam and relax with family and friends. People knew how to entertain with quickly assembled appetizers and mixed drinks that often had a style and personality all their own.

We think those days should be here again especially when rum is such a great foundation for any mixed drink. So, in this class we are offering quick-fix Caribbean styled cocktails along with a lesson in the art of mixing drinks.

Nicole starts the class by helping you assemble the appetizers. The selection is eclectic, but all are designed to work well with the rum based drinks. It is a sample which seeks to tickle your creative side to show you that different flavors can mix to give variety and a flair.

After we’ve created our appetizers, we concoct some rum fun that was provided to us by our past guest NYC Mixologist Jonathan Pogash who stopped by to show us some old fashioned mixing techniques. (See TheCocktailGuru.com .) As stated, the core ingredient is rum… one local to Antigua and a few other rums thrown in so you can compare.

This is cocktail hour… Caribbean style. So leave your cares at home and come to learn, eat, drink, and have a great time.

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